The Price of Freedom Museum is an American war memorial dedicated to the men and women of the United States armed services who paid the ultimate Price of Freedom with their lives in service to our great country. Our goal is to teach all generations the true price of freedom.

The museum started as a private collection of uniforms and military memories preserved by Bob Mault since the 1970’s. Prior to leasing the Old Patterson School complex from the Rowan County School System, samples of his collection were available for viewing at his gas station, Mault Brothers Texaco, on Highway 152 in China Grove, North Carolina. As a team, Bob Mault and his friend, Frank Albright, labored for years to open the doors of the museum for our enjoyment and education.

Over 40 years in the making, thanks to generous donations and the hard work of many unpaid volunteers, the museum's collection has expanded to over 5,000 artifacts covering all of the armed services of the United States. We currently display a fine representation of 20th century American military history. Each of our uniforms are extremely rare, as each represents the efforts and sacrifices of the individual who wore it.

Bob, Joel, Bobby, and the Spirit of American Freedom look forward to your visit.

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